desobody and desoface

The demand for body contouring is at an all-time high due to its efficacy and efficiency in eliminating stubborn fat from the body. Patients looking to achieve their dream body are now able too without the implications of going under the knife.

Treatments such as Intralipotherapy are a popular choice for clients who are looking to slim down their silhouette and achieve their dream body via noninvasive methods. Intralipotherapy is a cosmetic treatment that targets stubborn subcutaneous fat accumulations. It offers a safe and effective way to banish fat from various areas that hold onto stubborn pockets of fat. The results are long lasting and permanent, which is perfect for clients looking to alter their shape long term.


Fox Pharma offer Intralipotherapy products, Desoface and Desobody, the next generation in injectable fat dissolvers. Designed to treat localized pockets of fat, the active ingredient in deso, Sodium Deoxycholate, dissolves the areas of fat which are difficult to lose despite improving diet and exercise habits. The product is conveniently separated into a face and body concentration Desoface (0.5%), Desobody (1.25%) and can target a range of treatment areas, such as inner thighs, back fat, saddle bags, abdomen, arms, knees, top of the back, flanks, lipomas and double chin.

The treatment consists of lipolytic application with injections directly into the fatty tissue of the treated area. During application, active substances lead to cracking of the membranes of fat cells in the treated zone and to outpouring of their content into the surrounding tissue.  Once distributed it travels through the blood stream to the liver and then is exited out of the system. The procedure provides clients a fairly pain free experience, however after treatment redness and mild swelling may appear on the treated areas, this should subside within a relatively short time period and it is important to follow the post treatment advice. The final effect comes after two months of the procedure when clients will notice a reduction of fat in the areas that were once difficult to banish.

With Desoface and Desobody clients can achieve their dream body and shape without the complications and risks associated with invasive surgery. Find out more about Deso today